The above photo, taken in December 2014, marks a highlight of my time at Rockford University.  I delivered a Commencement Address for the December graduation ceremony at the request of President Head and the Board of Trustees.  In the address you will learn a a bit about me, my view of the importance of the Liberal Arts, and some of my academic interests.

I am currently an Associate Professor of English at Rockford University in Rockford, IL.  I am also currently serving as Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities.  I moved to Rockford and began my tenure at the University in August of 2008 upon completing my PhD at Arizona State University.  I live here with my wife, Karen, who is an RN and my three kids: Caleb, Julian, and Zoey.

My reasons for setting up this website are threefold:

One, to build a professional web presence in my role as Professor by publishing my C.V, a bibliography of my my scholarly publications,  and assignments and syllabi of courses I teach;

Two, to build a professional web presence in my role as Creative Writer by publishing some of my creative endeavors in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction (I have thought long and hard about continuing to only go the traditional route of submission, rejection, rinse and repeat, but it is more important for me to get my work to readers as I continue to navigate the evolving world of publishing in this increasingly digital world.)  All work I post, in PDF form, is subject to copyright.

Three, to build a professional web presence as blogger for the selfish reason of making myself a more disciplined writer on issues dear to my heart and mind.


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